Thursday, February 21, 2013

Learning to live a life of Gratitude

Last night I met together with my beautiful sisters from my home group. It was the first time we had managed to get-together since the start of the year ( I know it is nearly the start of March). We spent the evening catching up with what has been happening in each others lives and just reconnecting again. We decided we would like spend the next few months looking at Ann Voskamp's amazing book 'one thousand gifts'. Also we are sharing with each other the blessings that God bestows upon us every day of lives. They may be small and some days they may be hard to find but this is a time for us to develop that heart of gratitude. If you feel like some further inspiration head on over to Ann's blog.
 gratitude #2 Early morning Coffee
gratitude #3 Studying and learning about the environment at the same time

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