Monday, April 18, 2011

Rainy Days

Today is the first real day of the school holidays and would you believe it it is raining!!! So the next question is what does one do, especially since the last lot of holidays were during the big floods. You can't go to the cinema or museum as they are so packed so we are resolved to a day at home.
So we have been baking banana and choc chip muffins and cupcakes. They will be iced this afternoon.
All the lego comes out and onto a sheet for an easy cleanup.
And of course a visit to the DVD store for a new movie to watch. What do you do when it is raining I'd love to have some new ideas?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saying goodbye

Yesterday we said goodbye to a lovely lady - Anthony's Grandma. She had reached a lovely age of 93. She was one of the world's quiet achievers, never said alot but always made sure you had plenty on your plate and a cup of tea in your hand. Unfortunately by the time I got to know her she was starting to lose her hearing and she could never seem to hear the timbre of my voice (if you had higher pitched voice then it was easier for her), so I really did not get to know her. I was reflecting on how much change she would have seen in her lifetime as she was born in 1918. I was wondering if I will see that much change in my lifetime. It is also sad because she was the last of my children's great grandparents.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Boy plays Soccer...

Today Jasper played his first ever game of soccer. I felt we had reached a major milestone in a boys life - first team sport. Most of the kids on his team are aged 6 and they did not have the finer skills of soccer down pat but they had a great time. And of course they won 6-5.