Sunday, March 27, 2011

Where Have I been?

I know in blog land 3 weeks is an eternity but life has sort of got in the way and one thing had to give and that was updating my blog.

I was accepted into university this year to study Early childhood teaching i.e. birth to 8 years old and was absolutely thrilled to be doing that. I had decided that with Oscar being in Kindy and this being my tenth year of working ( here in Australia if you work for a company for 10 years they give you up to 3 months extra leave) I would only do one subject a semester. Unfortunately the University will not let you do things that way and I had to pick up an extra two subjects semester. I did think about it but realistically there was no way I could do that this year. So with a very disappointed heart I had to withdraw from this year. So look out QUT I will be back with a vengeance in 2012.

At the start of March my brother in law told us he was moving to Victoria. Very sad cause we will miss him but an amazing opportunity for him. So every weekend I have been up the coast helping to get his house ready for rental. It has been a huge job as it is an older home and it has been a while since he has done some work on the place. My mum has graciously looked after the kids whilst I have been doing this but it still has meant being away from home for most of the weekend.

And my final complaint is after school activities. We only let our kids do one activity gymnastics for Bella and soccer for Jasper. Swimming is a necessity here in Queensland and therefore we also have to fit in 3 lessons a week. I tried to get everything on only 2 days so the kids have 3 days after school to play but this year that formula is not working due to schedules. So as a result we are running around 3 nights a week and the worst part is trying to negotiate the horrible traffic here.

So hopeful some calm and organisation has entered my life and I can get back to posting a few times a week.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Artist uncovered

Just over 6 weeks ago my youngest boy started pre - prep (the year before school starts for real). I have been amazed to watch how he has put himself into creating little artworks every day he goes to preprep. He has an explanation for every piece he creates. One piece he did was a mash of colours and he said to me "that's because I wanted to see what the colours would look like on the paper". I am taking so much pleasure in watching him discover his artistic soul.